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Best Weather Apps in The UK For Accurate Forecasting

  • By Hidden Brains
  • November 24, 2022

Best Weather Apps in The UK

Weather can play a vital role in the day you choose to go to the water or park for a stroll or even if you in general wish to know how it is going to be throughout the day. We sometimes do not just look for the same day but also for the next day or the whole week so that we could plan out outings accordingly. And for that, you must know some of the best weather apps in the UK.

In the UK we are already aware that the weather is unpredictable so to keep ahead of the weather there are apps that are the most accurate weather app which one can use to see the best report and true. Any app that is simple for users and has accurate proficiency is always loved by the audience.

Every news channel and app uses their or borrowed algorithms that at times turn out to be useful for them and sometimes it turns out to be a big fat disaster. Individuals take a step back when they get confused with which app to go ahead with for accuracy and to also avoid risks that are at times logged into your phone when you install any third-party app onto your phone.

For any app to be loved by users it must be available on the maximum number of platforms from where it can be downloaded and then used. With each second and hour passing the weather conditions also rapidly change and any weather forecasting app needs to provide information that is legitimate and true and most importantly delivered on time.

Looking to develop the best weather apps in the UK?

The app which stands out from the rest is mostly the one that standout out from the crowd by providing most of the tools and information to its user. These features can be the UV index, radar images, severe weather warnings, air quality reports, and sunset or sunrise information. All the information provided by the best weather apps can be as basic as a just temperature of the location to as huge as providing even the minutest detail that can be given out in the information center.

These days mobile app development companies are trying their best to develop an app that provides everything a user needs under one app, hence making their app the best weather apps on the store.

Now you must wonder what are the most accurate and best weather apps. Do not worry, we have got you covered. We will go through some of the best weather apps that are introduced in the market by many mobile app development services in the UK that an individual can use it in their day-to-day life without any hassle.

Accuweather App

AccuWeather is hands down the most loved weather app that is available for the public to use. This app gives away a lot of information that any user would find extremely useful to plan out their day or the week ahead of them. The main page or the home page of the app is known as “Now” and contains a proper strategic graph of the current weather conditions and the temperature of the locality.

Going left and right from the home page gives you access to a lot of other features as well. In the app, you could also choose if you wish to have an hourly or daily report of the weather.

On the home page, you can easily check the UV index, humidity, visibility, dew point, pressure, and even the direction of the wind. Then again there are some pros can con as well that are there in the app, some of the pros of this app from one of the mobile app development companies in the UK are that the main page has a lot of information for the user, the location is easy to find, the widget of weather shows data of a lot of many areas, the information is bilingual, the display of the app is exact information about the temperature as well as the weather information, the UV index and wind speed indicator are a plus, the app also detects and shows the allergens that are present in the air at that moment.

On the other hand, some cons of the app are it is ad-supported, it has a dated appearance, the performance of the app is a bit sluggish and the radar map data is also scarce.

Carrot Weather

The carrot weather app mends its way to connecting both android and iOS and is available on both platforms for users. This app provides you with either hourly or weekly forecasts as per your requirement. The infographic team of the app puts across the most useful information for the users to access such as the most accurate metrological data which is just a tap and swipe away.

The app instantly provides you with the local weather when the app is opened post the installation. The user can either check the weather in real-time or see ahead of it. Carrot has gained most of its popularity because the app has a unique feature of putting humor into its weather reports that makes it even more fun for the users to use it more regularly and keeps them attached. The app has animation as well as various dialogues that make the weather come to life.

It is one of the best weather apps that have been introduced by mobile app development services in the UK. This app also works well with your apple watch and keeps you updated about any weather changes and other notifications regularly or as required.

Some pros of the app include the daily dosage of humor that comes along with the app, the reporting of the weather is quite accurate and the reports that are provided are always detailed, the wind speed and temperature reports are to be relied on, the experience that the app provides is always available to be personalized. The few cons of the app are that it lacks feature limitations internationally and the premium subscription that is required for notifications.

Dark Sky

If you are one who is always on the go and mostly traveling than the Dark sky app is one of the best weather apps that you can ever come across. Even otherwise if you have known and loved ones around the globe you can always know what the weather is like in their area of residence.

When you will open the app, you would see that the app has color shading which quickly grabs your attention and helps you get a better reading of the weather in the area. A blue background on the app’s home page would mean that it is raining. You can also locate arrows that mention the direction of the wind flow. The price of this app is $3.99 and you can access the app of the hour for weather-related queries. The app gives detailed information which can be very helpful to plan your day.

This app has a unique feature which is the family sharing option which means you can easily share the same app with other members of your family. If you are wondering if there are no plus or minus in the app then you must know there are some of the pluses are that the charge is for a lifetime, the forecast that is provided is by location, the app can be always relied on to for long-term as well as short-term predictions.

It covers massive geographical areas that give a clear view of the radar maps, and the time machine is used for past reports. Along with these some minuses are that it is important to purchase the app, only apple users can use the application and there is only a bit of scope to do customization.

Radar Scope

The radar scope app is known for its advanced tracking, this app is compatible with both apple and google. This is the only app that gives notch-up information than any other weather app which is available in the market for users to use. The app delivers all sorts of information such as the ones that are reserved by meteorologists as well as weather enthusiasts.

The app is said to be using the NEXRAD level 3 as well as Super-Resolution radar data that offers promising real-time reports such as the reflectivity, velocity, wind speed, or the dual-polarization etc. that grabs more attention of the user pulling out the majority of information from 289 NEXRAD as well as TDWR. The radar scope is extremely user-friendly and sensitive to warnings such as tornadoes, flash floods, special marine warnings, and severe thunderstorms. This app gives you both instant weather conditions as well as weekly weather forecasts as well.

The app is one of the most downloaded and best weather apps available in the play store or apple store, the price of the in-app purchases is $9.99. The app incorporates weather information from the national weather service just to keep up with the most recent information about the weather. The pros of the app are that it indeed has excellent weather tracking and in-depth reporting.

This app has customer support available to its user, with the tier-1 subscription the user gets access to not just live radar but also to inspector tools, on another hand tier-2 subscription gives the user access to use radar data from the last 30 days and tools which could help them to forecast the size of hails, storms as well as tornadoes. Some of the minor cons of the same area it asks the user to purchase, a slightly higher price tag and at times there are some glitch issues have been reported by the users.

The Weather Channel

The weather channel app is both android and apple compatible. This app is free and has some in-app purchases. This IBM business is owned as well as operated by them and controls the weather underground, the app is very reliable when it comes to weather reporting and is user-friendly.

The app provides some user-friendly as well as easy-to-digest reports about the weather that can pretty much help you not just plan your day but gives out weekly forecasts as well. This app has also an option where you can check the weather reports for the next 15 days in one go. The app gives its users options to set up features such as reports of severe weather alerts which will always help you stay prepared and the alerts would keep coming until the condition subsides and it is all good outside.

Another unique feature that this app has is that it offers the latest details of both the sunsets as well as the different phases of the moon along with information about tides. The app has a feature that all runners would love which is the running index that reads the weather and tells you which will be the best time for you to take a jog or run. The air quality index in the app measures the pollen in the air and it also measures other materials which are available in the specific area which serves as a helping guide to understanding the best time to step out of the residence.

The app is well compatible with not just android and apple phones but with tablets, iPad as well as Apple watches. Some major and minor pros and cons of the app are that it shares real-time weather reporting, it can detect covid-19 cases in proximity, a short video forecast gives the user update about the current as well as the future weather condition in their location, quick rainfall, sunset, sunrise alerts on the go. The cons of the same are that it is ad-supported, there are some glitches with the app and there is minimal customization.


Getting the right weather forecast is so crucial these days as people need to go outside either on official trips or leisure ones. The aforementioned apps are some of the most reliable and best weather apps if you are in the UK. You can download the one that caters to your requirements in the best way possible.


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