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Angular Vs React Vs Vue – Which is the Best Choice in 2023?

  • By Hidden Brains
  • October 6, 2023
Angular Vs React Vs Vue

In the ever-evolving world of web development, choosing the right JavaScript framework is crucial for building modern, dynamic, and performant applications. With numerous options available, it can be challenging to determine the best choice for 2023.

When starting a new project, software developers often find themselves in a dilemma, trying to determine the best JavaScript front-end framework for their needs. 

If you’re still caught up in the debate between Angular Vs React Vs Vue, then it’s time to take a closer look at the stats and the current state of affairs in 2023 and determine the actual position of these libraries. 

According to the survey report, Angular, React and Vue are the top front-end JavaScript frameworks. Reports says, React is used by 82% of developers whereas Angular and Vue is used by 49% and 46% of developers respectively.  

Angular Vs React Vs Vue

Image Source: https://kruschecompany.com

However, before you get excited about directly hiring a React js development company in the UK, you need to evaluate other survey reports and compare frameworks with various other parameters.. 

Angular Vs React Vs Vue

Image Source: incora.software

If we consider another report, React is leading the domain and Vue is holding the second position leaving behind the Angular. 

So while we start comparing these frameworks, let’s figure out the most relevant questions that developers and businesses are usually juggling…

  • Angular Vs React Vs Vue- Which JavaScript Framework is Leading in 2023?
  • Which JavaScript Framework is Easier To Learn?
  • Among Angular Vs React Vs Vue- which is the widely used framework of Javascript?
  • Which Framework is Best Fitted For Small Enterprises and SMEs?
  • In comparison to Angular Vs React Vs Vue- Which Is The Best Performing JavaScript Framework for your enterprise-level project?

If you’re also chasing such important questions then you have landed at the right place. By digging deep into this blog guide, you can easily decide between Angular Vs React Vs Vue that which JavaScript frameworks and libraries are best to choose in 2023. 

Which Framework Is Most Suitable For Your Project in 2023- Angular Vs React Vs Vue?

Determining the most suitable framework for your project in 2023 among Angular, React, and Vue depends on various factors.

If you’re working on a large-scale enterprise application with complex requirements, Angular remains a solid choice. By hiring an Angular development company in the UK, you can leverage Its powerful features, such as two-way data binding, dependency injection, and robust tooling, make it well-suited for managing complex projects.

On the other hand, if you prioritize a vast ecosystem and strong community support, React continues to dominate the market. With React, you can build interactive user interfaces efficiently, thanks to its component-based architecture and virtual DOM. It’s particularly popular for single-page applications and mobile app development.

For developers seeking a balance between simplicity and functionality, Vue might be the ideal choice. Vue’s easy learning curve, intuitive syntax, and gentle integration into existing projects make it a favorite among developers. Vue’s focus on simplicity doesn’t compromise performance, and it offers great flexibility for creating both small and large applications.

So every software developer has different knowledge and skills to handle the project requirements and its complexities. So it won’t be fair enough to say that if React is a prime choice of 50,000 developers then it will also be suitable to other developers dealing with different project development needs.

Let’s dive into the detailed comparison between Angular Vs React Vs Vue – the top three libraries of Javascript to make the best choice of framework. 

Angular Vs React Vs Vue: A Detailed Comparison Between JavaScript’s Frameworks

When it comes to web development, there is an abundance of articles and debates on the topic of Angular vs React vs Vue. Whether you’re starting a new website, app, or SaaS project, it’s common to feel overwhelmed by the technology choices and the confusion surrounding them.

Everyone wants to ensure that their investment in a framework will yield the best results. So when you hire app developers in the UK, make sure to consider comparing statistics, features, trends, contributors, download numbers, and even GitHub stars in an attempt to determine which framework is the most lucrative option. 

Here we have covered everything in this comparison to help you decide which is better to choose in 2023…

1. Overview of Top JavaScript Frameworks – Angular Vs React Vs Vue

React, Angular, and Vue are three popular frameworks used in web development. React, developed by Facebook in 2013, focuses on creating and managing dynamic user interfaces.

Angular, Google’s powerful open-source framework, is known for building single-page applications (SPAs). 

Vue, created by Evan You with the support of a large developer community, aims to simplify the complexities of large single-page applications. Despite being relatively new, Vue has quickly gained popularity and shows no signs of slowing down.

Angular Vs React Vs Vue

Image Source: angularminds.com

Let’s take a look at the historical background of each framework. 

a. React 

React’s journey began in 2010 with its open-source syntax, but it wasn’t until 2013 that it gained significant traction and was adopted by millions of front-end developers. React introduced the concept of component-based development and revolutionized UI development by leveraging the virtual DOM. 

Top Companies Using React:

Notable companies such as Facebook and Instagram utilize React extensively.

When to choose React:

  • If your project can benefit from embracing reusable components.
  • If your project’s front-end requirements are relatively straightforward.
  • If you prioritize top performance and scalability in your application.
  • If your project has tight deadlines that require efficient development.

b. Angular

Angular, on the other hand, has a longer history, starting with its predecessor, AngularJS, in 2010. The core team at Google revamped the framework in 2016, introducing Angular as a framework built on TypeScript, RxJS, and Zone.js. After the release of Angular 2+ in 2019, the framework dropped the “JS” suffix. 

Top Companies Using Angular:

Angular is widely used by prominent companies like Google and Wix.

When to choose Angular:

  • If your project is large and complex, with extensive functionality and intricate requirements.
  • If you prioritize a framework that offers robust and reliable sustainability for long-term projects.
  • If you already have experienced Angular developers on your team or access to a skilled Angular developer community.
  • If you have the time and resources to invest in learning and utilizing TypeScript, which is the primary language used in Angular development.

c. Vue

Vue, the youngest member of the JavaScript framework community, was created by Evan You, a former Google engineer. Vue sought to address the drawbacks of existing frameworks and provide developers with flexibility in creating web applications. In 2019, Vue released version 2.6.10, refining its features and improving user experience. 

Major Companies Using Vue:

Today, major users of Vue include GitLab and Alibaba.

When to Choose Vue:

  • If you prefer a framework with a gentle learning curve and easy integration.
  • If your project requires flexibility and adaptability in handling complexities.
  • If you value a framework with a supportive and active community.
  • If you aim to build both small and large-scale applications efficiently.

In a nutshell: Understanding the background and history of React, Angular, and Vue provides valuable insights into their origins and the companies that have embraced these frameworks. Before you hire a mobile app development company in the UK, this knowledge can help developers make informed decisions about what is the most suitable framework for their web development projects.

2. Angular Vs React Vs Vue – What Statistics Talk About These Frameworks?

Let’s compare GitHub Stars, NPM Trends, and Stack OverFlow Trends to determine the market position of each framework…

a. Comparing the Popularity of Angular, React, and Vue On Stak Overflow Trends

When comparing the popularity of Angular, React, and Vue in 2022, Stack Overflow Trends indicate that React holds the largest percentage, followed by Angular. However, Vue has been experiencing continuous growth in popularity over the past few years.

Angular Vs React Vs Vue

Image Source: stack overflow.com

b. NPM Trends to Compare the Popularity of Angular Vs React Vs Vue

Since last year, Vue has taken a sudden rise in popularity while React is holding the second position and Angular is maintaining the same position. Businesses have chosen to hire a Vue.js development company in the UK to leverage the richness of Vue. But I guess, it would be a rush to make any decision.

Angular Vs React Vs Vue

Image Source: npmtrends.com

c. Comparing Angular Vs React Vs Vue- Evaluating GitHub Stars

Being one of the matured framework of JavaScript, Angular has the highest Github starts leaving behind React at the second position and Vue at the last position.

Angular Vs React Vs Vue

Image Source: npmtrends.com

So at the end it is fair enough to say that different study reports have different perspectives and stats to represent. And if the few survey reports can’t come to the same conclusion then how does a single framework is suitable for all app development needs. 

3. Angular Vs React Vs Vue: Which is the Best Performing Framework?

Performance is a critical consideration for frontend applications, and when comparing the performance of Angular, React, and Vue, it’s important to understand their approaches to updating HTML files. Angular uses the real DOM and is well-suited for single-page applications with occasional content updates. It employs Two-Way Data binding, efficiently replicating changes from the model to the views.

React, a frontend library utilizes the Virtual DOM and excels in enhancing the performance of applications with regular content updates, like Instagram. It follows a single-direction data flow, providing better control over the project.

Vue, the youngest framework, combines the best features of React and Angular. It leverages the virtual DOM for high performance and efficient memory allocation.

While Angular offers many features, it can slow down performance in heavier applications compared to React and Vue. React requires developers to constantly update their skills to keep up with changes, and its evolving nature may pose challenges for some. As a newer framework, Vue has a smaller community support base compared to React and Angular.

But it’s worth noting that Angular, React, and Vue are among the fastest JavaScript frameworks for building web applications.

4. Angular Vs React Vs Vue: Ease of Platform Migration

Migrating from one version to another can often be a challenging task for developers. When comparing the migration process of Angular, React, and Vue in 2023, it is surprising to note that Vue offers the most straightforward and quickest upgrade path. Let’s delve into the complexities and time requirements of each framework’s migration process.


Angular typically releases major updates every six months, with a six-month grace period before any major APIs are deprecated. This provides developers with two release cycles of six months to make the necessary changes during the migration process.


In 2023, upgrades in React are generally easier compared to Angular and Vue. Tools like React code mode ensure a seamless migration from one version to another and promote stability. Facebook emphasizes the importance of stability, as demonstrated by the adoption of React by renowned companies such as Twitter and Airbnb.


Vue offers the smartest migration options for developers. When migrating from Vue 1.x to Vue 2, developers can use a migration helper tool to make the necessary changes. Approximately 90% of the APIs remain the same, streamlining the migration process and reducing complexity.

By hiring a web development company in the UK, migrating an app from one platform to another platform may be an easier task, but still, it is important to consider the migration process when choosing a framework, as it can significantly impact the development timeline and ease of transitioning between versions. Vue stands out in this regard, offering a smoother migration experience compared to Angular and React.

5: Angular Vs React Vs Vue: Which is Easier To Learn and Use?

When comparing the learning curves of Angular, React, and Vue, it’s important to consider the ease of understanding and getting started with each framework. Let’s explore the learning curves of these popular JavaScript frameworks.


Angular has a steeper learning curve compared to React and Vue. It is a comprehensive framework that introduces various concepts such as modules, components, dependency injection, and TypeScript. The official documentation and extensive tooling provided by Angular can be overwhelming for beginners. However, once developers grasp the fundamental concepts, Angular’s structure and conventions can lead to efficient and scalable development.


React has a relatively moderate learning curve. It is a JavaScript library focused on building user interfaces, making it easier for developers to get started. React utilizes a component-based architecture and introduces JSX, a syntax extension for JavaScript. While understanding JSX and the concept of virtual DOM might require some initial effort, React’s extensive community resources, tutorials, and vibrant ecosystem make the learning process smoother.


Vue offers the most gentle learning curve among the three frameworks. Its simplicity and intuitive design make it accessible to both beginners and experienced developers. Vue’s template syntax resembles plain HTML and CSS, making it easy to understand and transition into. The framework provides clear documentation and comprehensive guides, enabling developers to quickly grasp its core concepts and start building applications efficiently.

In terms of learning curve, Angular has the steepest curve, React has a moderate curve, and Vue has the gentlest curve. By choosing to hire a software development company in the UK, you can easily get started with the development process with any language. But Angular may require more initial investment in learning, React and Vue offer more accessible entry points for developers seeking quicker start-up and adoption.

Conclusion: How Do Hidden Brains UK Can Help You Choose The Right Framework?

By the end of this blog, you have a fair knowledge of these top three JavaScript frameworks and libraries and their reputation in the market. There is no such winner or loser in this game as each framework has its own pros and cons. Moreover, with each passing year, these frameworks got updated and fluctuated in their market position. But by hiring a software development company in the UK, you can easily decide what front-end framework better suits your project development needs. 

So if you have any confusion or required expert opinion and assistance in web app development, then Hidden Brains UK is here to collaborate with you. All you need is to drop a query below or directly contact us. 


Which framework is the best choice for 2023?

The best choice depends on your specific project requirements and developer preferences. React and Vue have been popular choices in recent years, but Angular is still a solid option for large-scale enterprise applications.

Which framework is suitable for complex projects?

Angular is well-suited for complex projects, particularly large-scale enterprise applications. Its robust features, two-way data binding, and extensive tooling make it a solid choice.

Which framework offers better performance?

All three frameworks, Angular, React, and Vue, are known for delivering good performance. The choice of the best-performing framework depends on specific project requirements and optimization techniques employed.

Which framework has the largest community support?

React has a large and active community support with numerous resources, tutorials, and libraries available. Angular and Vue also have significant community support, although their communities may be comparatively smaller.

Which framework is best for mobile app development?

React Native, a framework based on React, is widely used for mobile app development. It allows developers to build cross-platform applications with a native-like user experience.

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