ChargePoint has one of the largest EV charging networks in Europe and North America, with over 100 000 charging points.

1. ChargePoint

Wattsup is very user friendly and best ev charging app in uk. This is an EV route planner and EV charger finder application that caters to all your needs. It helps you to find compatible charging stations anywhere on your route.

2. Wattsup

3. WhenToPlugin

WhenToPlugin shows the information, including the best time to plug your electric vehicle for charging and get cleaner energy. WhenToPlugin is one of the best ev charger app that helps users a lot.

4. A Better RoutePlanner (ABRP)

A Better Routeplanner or ABRP is the best EV car app in the market that helps you to find the best routes. To use this App, the user must select the preferred network, vehicle model, and destination.

5. Charge Way

The Charge way is another application that offers an EV map with various features helpful to EV drivers. It provides complete information to the users about any charging station and filters to segregate EV charging points based on the requirement.

6. Pod Point

The Pod Point Application helps you find the right stations wherever you travel. It provides complete information like if there is any space left to use, the level of stations, and if the station is applicable for your EV.

7. Osprey Charging

The Osprey Charging application is part of the Osprey Charging Network in the UK. It allows EV car owners to find a charging point anywhere across the UK. Users can book the charging session by locating a charging point on the App.

8. Fastened

Fastened is quite an appealing mobile application built specifically for a cause. It charges the electric vehicle with the help of renewable energy generated. There is no need to register to use the Application and go through a charging process.

9. PlugShare

Plug Share is an incredible global mobile application and EV charging stations App available completely free. No matter where you live or want to travel, PlugShare would provide all the necessary information needed.

10. Zap-Map

Last but not least, Zap-Map is also an EV vehicle application and the best charging point app in the UK, offering numerous features like planning journeys and finding nearby EV charging points in a single application.